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A scottish guy in your nativity? That's pretty awesome, actually.

God doesn't want you to. Man, I totally need to use that phrase around here. Do you think that would mess my kids up? "Mommy, can I have a cookie?" "No, God doesn't want you to"

Of course, in Claire's mind at the hummus-sharing moment, God = Claire. It is an important part of the Toddler Manifesto, I believe.


It's the same logic I use when confronted with Rush Limbaugh.

LOL! Thanks for the laugh this morning. That really tickled me.


Very Clever Claire!!! I am starting to think Hannah is going to be a Nun!


Have you ever seen "Saved'? Funniest movie ever. There is this scene where she throws the Bible at the other girl and whacks her in the head screeching "I AM FILLED WITH CHRISTS LOVE!"



I tell Lily that if she doesn't behave, she'll make the baby Jesus cry.

OK, so that's a lie. But I so totally want to sometimes.


Maybe she's aware of some sort of old testament type dietary restrictions?


How young we learn to manipulate God to do what we want. (which by the way...Claire seems way cute!) But, you'd think at some point you grow out of it. I interact with many adults who are the kings and queens of manipulating God to fit what they want for that moment. Pretty convienent. :)


I think the bag piper is just the shephard who entertains. Heh. Or it's his water bag? we have one too. I'm going to have to look closer next year.

I'm totally using this logic when I dont' want to share my ice cream.


That Claire is one smart cookie!


HI.I saw your name on Europeans blog. Your daughter sounds so cute. I have a 6 year old and a two year old myself. We do bible studies every Saturday night and they ask a lot of weird questions. But I want them included in the study. I mean they have the option of going to play in there rooms or being quiet and listening to our Pastor. My oldest always has interesting questions for him. Sometimes he doesnt know how to answer them. Well Claire you sound like a handful for mommy and keep up the questions. That is how you learn the fastest.


Tee hee.

Caitlin refers to God as Mr. God. I found myself stooping to a new parenting low before Christmas when I got tired of saying "Santa Claus is watching you" and said "God is watching you!" Eeek.


A bagpiper? I think you should totally recast him as a soccer hooligan who clocks King Herod with a Haggis.


...and heehee to CPA Mom "shepherd who entertains"...I can totally see that as the credits roll.


Yes, indeed, she is a clever girl. I think you have your hands full!

Mrs. Flinger

I'm cracking up at Elaine and her "make the baby Jesus cry" comment. HAHAHA. Damn, that's great.
I actually have a post in draft about the big God topic (only slightly related). Because, well, we've been thinking about this a lot, too.

But, I love that you thank God for Dora and fruit snacks. Awesome.

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