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Wait. You stalked Krystyn too? Huh...maybe that's how I found you, actually. HA!

I'll play if you are interested...although I'm not a shy lurker on your site usually!

; )


don't invite me to play & then expect me to sit on the sidelines. i'm in, babe.


You should come live where I live - we got it all, except for the "reasonable cost of living" part. It is Southern California, after all! ;)
And of course you should interview me!


I spent my childhood living in Bellingham, WA. I loved living there and I remember the schools to be awesome. It would be a stretch to call it a city though. The city that I lived in for college, and would be happy as a clam to return to is Portland, OR. Lots of people with children seem to like the town I did grad school in...Eugene, OR, but I found it be be a tad dull. All of these places are pretty rainy.
Please interview me.


Bring it!


Ask away. I'm an open book. Um. Mostly. Hmmm. What have I gotten myself into?


Ok - I'm one of those lurkers, but I would love to jump in the deep end and play.

CPA Mom & Soccer Mom Angela

Please interview me!!

Colorado sounds good. SJ (All the Jones Men) and Audrey (Sangria Lover) live there and could fill you in on all the ins and outs.

Washington - Hola, Isabel and Mrs. Flinger. 'Nuf said.

Of course, VIRGINIA is the THE state to live in. For the cool cats.

And motherhood surprise - yes, how can I love them SO much and yet, want to drop them off with their grandmother and walk away?


You'd love Utah County, in Utah. About 30 miles south of Salt Lake City and east of Utah Lake. Lots of great opportunities for boating (Deer Creek Reservoir, Strawberry Reservoir, and Yuba Lake, just to name a few.) You're no more than 20 minutes away from the Wasatch Mountains and zero civilization. Aspen trees and, higher up, pine trees that will take your breath away.

If you're in the mood for the desert, Moab is about 5 hours away and in the wintertime you can find sunny warm refuge in St. George- also a short drive.

You really do get four seasons. (Sometimes within a week's time!) The people here are predominantly Mormon, which is a pretty decent lifestyle, and the non-Mormons are really fine folk, too. You'll develope a liking for Jello and Funeral Potatoes (yes, they really call them that) and an understanding that nothing is open on Sunday.

The schools are good, the crime-rate is low, the fishing is great, and a cup of sugar is only a holler away. Let me know if you decide to spend some time here.



I can't be bothered with anything these days, but shrug. I just don't have anything to say recently.


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