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Sounds like a fun place to live - lots of blogging fodder. ;)

CPA Mom and Soccer Mom Angela

I live in the South and that STILL gave me the giggles.

Mrs. M

oh girl...it is so different! but we're ok with it:)


Hah! That's hilarious. In parts of CA, at least 6 of those are common, but I can't say that I've ever seen that rule posted. I'm SO going to ask my friend there who has a school-aged daughter if she has, though.


The truly sad part is...

You just know if they've had to spell it out in detail that SOMEONE at SOMETIME has done it!!!

Oh...let the games begin...


Oh, I don't know. I might not be able to send my daughter to a school where bobcats aren't allowed. I mean, this IS America. ;)


You mean sissy and bubba can't bring their pets to schoool? How sad is that!


Oh my dear God in Heaven. I haven't really started looking at preschool for little Ayren yet. GEEBUS, NOW I have even more to enjoy about being here...hehehehehe

Right now we're trying to get past the fiasco of her having her 1 year old vaccinations one day before her birthday in Ohio and now SC wants her to get those again on top of her 4 year old shots in July. AARGGHHHHHHHH

Mrs. Welby

My college boyfriend (a SC native) owned 2 baby alligators named Bud and Squawker. They slept in an open tank about 12 inches high at the end of his bed. Looking back, I cannot believe I also spent the night in that bed!

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