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Too bad you only get to be Jack or Will and not be with Jack or Will (or both, what the heck).


That made me smile. I like smiling. It doesn't happen enough in life!


How fun it is to play pirates. If you have a Michael's or craft store around you definitely need to go buy the foamy visor hats & some extra foam to make pirate hats. All you do is turn the visor upside down so the rim is pointing upwards & add a priate symbol like a skull & crossbones to the front. Arg matey- now you have a pirate hat. (This week our Michael's has the visors on sale 2/$1. Cheap & fun art project-Good luck!)

Oh- if you want to make pirate swords- use a piece of a "noodle" (used for swimming) & some of the foamy stuff the hats are made of & cut a long rectangle out and then cut 2 round holes on each end to fit over the bottom of the noodle as a "handle". - Wish I had a picture to show you.

Really into the crafty thing- make a treasure chest & take turns hiding it around the house, yard, park, etc. & make an adventure out of finding it. Your "treasure" can be trinkets, fake money, Claire's play jewelery, or for a special treat hide lunch or a snack for a park outing & have a pirate lunch there. If you want to be really adventurous make a treasure map for her & hide the treasure.

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