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Ah, but you've not lived in the south long enough. There are palmetto bugs and there are german roaches. We are conditioned down here, to tolerate the poor palmetto bugs. It's taken me 15 years of living in the south to get to the same place.

I had German roaches at the last house I lived in. Now that was disgusting.


Um, for clarification, the german roaches were there when we moved in.

Soccermom Elaine

LOL! Yeah, we have both of those items here, but we call them what they are. Word to you, my sister-friend.


Ah, yes, the Palmetto Bug. I've found a couple in my house, from time to time. The bug guy says the "prefer" the outdoors so it's rare to find them inside. RRIIGGHHHTTTT! Thank god my kids want to be entomologists. My only concern are the spiders that seem to be eating my Mastiff alive...ah, the South (I'm better here, now...I went home for a month and was READY to come back :)


It seemed like things were lulling for a while out there on people's blogs -- We were all too busy summer-ing to write posts. Then all of the sudden, RB has the ultimate fish tale gone wrong, Jamie's daughter has a "Magic Smoke" machine, and you are making me laugh so hard at translating the various types of all things palmetto.

Thanks for brightening my day!


Ummm...yeah. But a palmetto bug is a cockroach on steroids (aka BIG) that FLIES if it feels like it. Giant, mutant, southern cockroaches. *shudder* But I still miss home (Tryon, NC)


Dude you could get a saddle and ride that thing. EEEEK.

Motherfucking cockroach indeed.

Snort! ;)

Mrs. Welby

Aww Darlin', that's just how we do it. If you can't say something nice, don't say it at all. So, bless his heart, call him something pretty so you can talk about it in a voice above a whisper. There IS something a little graceful sounding about "Palmetto Bug." (Maybe to complement the silent but terrifying way they move swiftly through your house.)


YES my sweet baby that right there is a nasty ass roach. UGH! They scatter when you turn the light on. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA


No. A Palemetto Bug is NOT a cockroach. It is a mutant, mutated, humongous, FLYING cockroach. WAY more scary. WAY more disgusting.


And please ignore my misspelling of Palmetto. I suck.


Ah, yes. Those bastards have been terrorizing me lo these many years in Texas. I swear they must be bigger here than anything else. If my husband's home it's his duty to squish them. If I'm on my own I just grab one of his humongous computer programming books (guaranteed to be 1000 pages or more) and toss it on the sucker. Works every time. Technology kills.


Ewwww...just the sight of a PICTURE of a roach makes me once again thankful that I'm here in Nashville and the "good ol' days" of Florida had their drawbacks. I still remember my first in person encounter with one...thankfully, my shoe won the battle!


Ok, but at least it sounds prettier than what it is. :)


I tried to post a trackback... doesn't seem to be working.


Well my dear, seems you aren't the only one interested in the Palmetto/Cockroach/Waterbug. I swear to god an hour after reading your post yesterday I turned on NPR on the way home. The topic of discussion... your fabulous Palmetto bug. Seems New Yorkers are the ones that call them waterbugs... Me, I call them (typically in a shrill voice) "(Scream), Paaaaaat, come get this thing, hurry, hurry, hurry!!!!"
Hugs and only 21 days and a wake-up to go, C

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