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4. Yes, you are.
5. four hour drive from here


Fresno? As in the one in California just hours from here? THAT FRESNO?

No, I know nothing about it. Sounds perfect. MOVE THERE. Or here. Here is really freaking awesome. Just so you know.

There were other items to comment on, but you said "Fresno" and I lost my shit.


1. As long as you eat honey, not trash, you're alright.

2. I have asked these same questions a lot recently. I don't really understand skinny jeans on anyone, but pregnant women? Yeah, cause I sure need help making my middle look bigger.

3. Sorry, no help on that one. Try the fridge, the washer, and the garage.

4. The caterpillar thing is GENIUS. I really like it.

5. Again, sorry. No help there.

6. Go to NIA. It's good for your soul.


My husband is a Simpson's watcher. There are days he comes home when I can best sum up our day by saying "You know when Homer strangles Bart? Yeah, see, I get it now."

You. Me. Mama Bear. We're all good.


OMG! Your going from the Midwest and South to CALIFORNIA?!?!?! I am going to miss you :) (even though I've never met you...just knowing you're in the same part of the country is comforting :)

Anyway, yes, you are brilliant! Caterpillars and butterflies...whodathunkit?

Let us know about the job!


Martha needs to recruit you and your fine mama genius! I love the caterpillar idea.

Fresno?!? Wow! I know nothing about CA. I've been to San Francisco and San Diego but that's it. Sounds lovely, although I like you being a Southerner. ;)

Have a great trip! Are all three of you going?

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