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Maybe I won't make my bed today, "yeh" that would be different. Could say I might leave the house without make-up but thats going to far.

Mrs. M

different today? that would be QUITTING MY JOB! WOOT WOOT!!


You rebel you! I find myself getting in a self-induced rut. No fun. Must get out of it! Seriously, though, it's amazing how a small change can be invigorating.

I am notorious for ordering the same item at my favorite restaurants. I think the next time Alan and I hit Chili's I'll order something besides the Southwest Eggrolls. I'm a rebel like that. ;)

p.s. off to check out Mrs. M's blog!


I cooked bread first thing in the morning. That was different. I'll have to think of a way to shake things up on a routine friday night.


How insightful you are! You're right - we have our little routines and they do need shaking up. Tonight, I'm going to make spaghettti. I never do that. Wish you and Claire could come have some with me!

Old Horsetail Snake

Very nice! I think I'll just go along with whatever you do. It is beginning to get interesting.


I think I'll make my bed when I get up. That would be a change :o)

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