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chez bez

I'd have a hard time not packing up and moving back after hearing such sweet and pained words by my daughter.

Thanks for sharing such a tough and touching moment.


My heart just broke for you all. Now I really don't want to move. I mean I know I'll make new friends but I don't want to leave my just right friends.


Amen, sister! I have been feeling a little out of sorts lately with the cool weather we've been having. So have the kids. We have come to the conclusion that the season's, like old friends, are going to missed as well. We'll never be able to have a good bonfire behind the house on a crisp Autumn night like we did in Ohio. And we'll certainly never have "real" snow days from school. I'm still pushing the husband to look for a job in Ohio, Indiana or Michigan at this point.

Long story short, we know how Claire feels :(


Awww. Mr. D had that problem when we left the college town that we lived in. The sad thing was that we were not the only people that left-- if we moved back it would not have been the same. Sometimes I think we would have more fun elsewhere, but realistically I doubt it. I think that your post helps me realize more why there has been some trouble for d-boy adjusting to his "new school" and that is that he misses his friends more than I thought.


Love you and miss you too! Definitely time to plan the next trip! Hugs, C

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