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How hot is Hell...I thought that is how hot is was here (espec. compared to what I'm used to....) Now, I'm intrigued--hehehe.

Is is really a pro there is no snow? I don't understand people....heheee

I'm just having fun with you...I hope you find what you're looking for there. It sounds nice...no, really, it does. I'm just giving you a hard time ;)

I'm sending all the crossed fingers, 4 leaf clovers and rabbit's feet I can muster. Good Luck!


Now, Nicole...Here's where I interject, trying not to offend the Fresno-loyals, but I think it is fair to say that the VAST, OVERWHELMING majority of Californians do not like to admit Fresno is part of our fair state. In fact, I believe I have occasionally heard it called the "armpit of California" (ahem::cough::by me).

First, it is nowhere near anything. If you were to come to DAVIS (see: UC Davis Medical Center, which is oddly run in Davis, but located in Sacramento or Sutter Davis Hospital, Mercy, etc.) then you would be 90 minutes from Lake Tahoe, 90 minutes from S.F., Marin, an hour from Napa, and while it is as hot as hell in the summer, we like to point out, it's a dry heat.

I was telling Debunot that we, sadly, do not have the Southern trends here. I guess we're too close to S.F. modern and Marin County. My guess is that the rednecks in Fresno don't want any part of L.A. trendiness, nor artsy S.F./Berkeley...so they are aspiring to be Southern. Because, after all> FRESNO IS DOES NOT REPRESENT CALIFORNIA!

Please ask your husband to consider beautiful Northern California, with it's redwood trees on the coast, foggy winter, and non-meth addict population (did you see more than a few dentures while you were in Fresno? Bad skin?)

Or Davis, with its pretty flat land, surrounded by everything and very good schools (FRESNO has good public schools? Oh, hon...don't believe the hype.)

Also? We call our cockroaches COCKROACHES, but sadly, you will not find Lilly Pulitzer here. Use the internet, if you must. No one I know has heard of her. I had to Google her once after talking to Debunot. Is she even a her? Or is it a name just made up for the company? That's how little I know about her.

Pie. We have amazing pies at Ikeda's produce. It's not southern, that I know of...but at least outside of Fresno, we call it pie.

Seriously, Nicole. I thought I had prepped you ahead of time. Repeat the mantra: Fresno is not California. Fresno is not California. In fact, I think I'm going to go there this weekend and have them sign petitions to secede. They'll need to sign with "x"s, but that's fine by me.


Wow! So, I'm sitting here with fingers crossed and happy thoughts. May you find the place you love and the job Ron longs for -- all in one place.

More importantly, though, did the hermit crab survive?

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