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Mrs. M

Happened to me last week. Did you read my post about that. If so, be sure to read the hubs retort in the comments---goodtimes!

I know how you feel. It's amazing I drove for 7 years before knowing him.


Apparently, I drive "aggressively."
This, I am pretty sure, only happens when A Certain Person observes me. Makes you think about what came first, the chicken or the egg!


This is the very reason that when we are together, Pat drives. Not that I'm a bad driver, he's just an uncontrollable commentator. And since I find myself not able to control wringing his neck after about 2 of these comments, which would surely lead to an accident on account that I can drive with one hand, but not with no hands, I choose not to "pick" this battle. :P)


Oh my word! I thought I was reading one of my own posts about my DH and his HORRIBLE passenger seat drive tendencies. AUGH.


Ha ha HA HA HA HA! Snort. ;)

Old Horsetail Snake

Uh, Ron? I am driven every two or three days by a woman (driver) and she needs no backseat (or sideseat) driving. Give it a rest. Or not. Actually, I guess I don't care what you do. Maybe I should just cancel the whole thing.....

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