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Since Shortman is an only - and will stay an only - I wish I could get him to understand (at 16 - a hellish age) the last line of that quote. I'm in tears remembering.

Mrs. Welby

I have to say, even when they fight brutally, when you catch them laughing at each other in the rear view mirror of your minivan, your heart melts and you feel hope for the whole world.


There is a great Elton John song about that called "The Greatest Discovery." Although it's about brothers, it is so sweet, and the sentiment is the same regardless of gender. Just make sure to listen to it from beginning to end without interruptions, and I recommend the Live in Australia version for the awesome symphony orchestra accompaniment. A great, great song!


thank you for this...

Old Horsetail Snake

She will want to teach him numbers. But will save the "big" number until he can handle it -- like when he's 19 or 20.

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