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This is extremely ignorant of me, but let me just think this out. Mary supposedly had a virgin birth, which means that at least biologically, Jesús has no father. But he has two psuedo fathers? Is God supposed to be a biodad? And is Joseph kind of a stepfather type? How DID that work?

p.s. My twin nephews were just enthralled by the Baby Jesus from my mom's nativity scene. He eventually got discovered in the spring just outside of the back door, where he'd been unceremoniously dumped when the kids were on their way out.


My head hurts from thinking about his. Ha!

For some reason Caitlin keeps getting Jesus and Moses confused. I think we need to go to church more often. ;)

Presents? Wrapped? Under the tree? What is this foreign concept that you speak of? ;)

Soccermom Tamara

Hey Nicole,
Sorry to do this via comments, but can you shoot me an email? I seem to have an old email adress for you. Getting bouncebacks. landoftamara@hotmail.com



You just cracked me up.

Old Horsetail Snake

Yeah, I heard of frankincense and myrrh, but whatever happened to goldilocks? This gets more mysterious as time goes by...

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