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I have the Rebel XT. The lens is from my 35mm Canon, and I'm very happy with it. Never used the lens it came with however.

My husband purchased the XT as a gift after doing the research (he said something about the newest version being not quite as good as the one immediately prior...if he was awake, I'd ask him, but that was a year ago anyway).


I thought the Canon was more than the D40? The D40is 479 on Amazon. I have a non digital Rebel that I like a lot, but the d40 is the camera I am dreaming of.


If you go with D40, you can get it for about the same as the Rebel XT, and the kit lens is far superior on the Nikon, so that is something to take into consideration. My husband sprung for the D40X (much to my shock), but the D40 is an excellent camera at a low cost. I compared it and the Rebel XT, and I ended up liking the feel of the D40 much better.


I have a digital elph. Which I love. Very much.


I am no expert, but I have the Rebel and I really love it. Easy to use, battery lasts forever... great picture quality.


Wow. We're almost always on the same wavelength! I hate the delay of my current digital camera (an Olympus C-4000 that can take great shots, but not always). I ordered a Nikon D40 two days ago from Amazon after doing quite a bit of research on both the Nikon D40 and Canon Rebel XT. I also spent time playing with both at Best Buy.

I hope this isn't too much info for comments, but here goes -

Here's some of the info that convinced me to go with the D40:

That guy (Ken Rockwell) has an exhaustive supply of knowledge on his site regarding digital SLRs and he owns quite a few of them.

I also did a comprehensive search both online and in local stores to find the best price. Here's what I bought (keep in mind that this is my Christmas gift and birthday gift all rolled into one!):


I also bought this memory card:


and this camera case that comes with table-top tripod and lens-cleaning kit:

Samsonite Microfiber Deluxe Camera Bag with Lens Cleaning Kit & Tabletop Tripod

Through Amazon my total for all of it was $600 and I selected free shipping which will get my camera here less than a week after I ordered it.


All I have to say is this: I have a Canon 10D, Hubby had (note the tense there) a Nikon D70. After I shot with the D70 for the first time and looked at just the color comparisons on the same settings? My 10D's been in a bag. I've since upgraded to a D200, which I love and would marry were it legal and were I single, but which is one heck of an investment.

I was a Canon girl through and through until I touched a Nikon. The fact that Canon has a nasty tendency to ignore older models when it makes new lenses was also a sticking point for me. When I wanted to upgrade to a nice macro lens for my 10D, the lens I wanted (the 10D as a model was only 2 or 3 years old at the time) was only for the 20D and incompatible with the 10D, as are a lot of their newer lenses. That bugged me. On the Nikon, though, my husband's lenses from a gazillion years ago work like a dream, and I've yet to find an incompatibility with any of their early digital SLR models.

Yeah. Really. That's all I have to say. Or, you know, not, but I'm stopping anyway :) Feel free to email me if you have specific questions.

Mrs. M

i had the same issue with my kodak easyshare. i just got the canon sd800. canon and sony are the best for shutterspeed, but i chose canon because it would take the sd cards i already had rather than having to purchase memory sticks.

Mama C-ta

I love my canon rebel and I think the pics turn out great. However I never really learned how to use it, I'm an auto setting girl and that works well for me with no delay!

Sarah Wellmeier

Just stop by to read this today (December 12) so you may have already purchased one. If not just wanted to say I have the Canon Rebel XTI and I have to tell you "I LOVE IT". I mean really I could go on for days talking about and usually do, but I don't think anyone is listening around here. I would highly recommend it!!


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