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Ooh - let us know how Dan Zanes is! We're thinking of taking The Child to his concert in Knoxville.

Be safe and enjoy!


Another thing we have in common: the no-camping thing. I did it as a kid and hated it. Thankfully my husband's of the same mind on this. His excuse? He doesn't want to use his time off to pretend to be homeless.

chez beziat

Enjoy Asheville. I love that city.


You've got to stop eating spicy food before bedtime.

Ain't no way I'm gettin' knocked up at this point, unless something wasn't snipped properly! And, that actually sounds like our current house when we bought it (with all the former owners' crap, minus the bad foundation thing.) ;)

Have fun in Asheville you psycho prego you! And good for you on skipping out on the camping. I've never really understood why people willingly sleep outdoors on the ground.

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