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Oh, I liked that post. I had one of those afternoons, and I'm struggling a lot lately. So this was a nice post to warm my heart.


Wow. I've been working so hard and so much lately that your post reminded me that I haven't taken any time to do anything for myself lately. And I miss that. I think I'll get a pedicure on Friday when my mom watches Delaney. That'll be a nice start. But I want some more pampering over the next few weeks before the baby arrives. Time's running out and once he gets here it'll be eons before I have time to dedicate to just me. You're right. Today is the day. I'd better get started.

Mama C-ta

Yipee! Mama was wanting a new pair of shoes!

On a serious note, this was beautiful and I'm glad to hear you treated yourself, YOU deserve it! One thing my yoga teacher always says is to practice ahimsa - being kind to yourself. I always think "I need to start doing that!"


I, too, treated myself to flowers earlier this week. A bundle of 10 sweetheart roses in an amazing apricot color. A whole $3.99 at Trader Joes but worth more than that for the simple beauty bestowed upon my kitchen this week. I think I'll be treating myself more often. How would I be kind to myself if I could with the sky being the limit, I'd hire a professional to organize my home & someone else to clean it weekly. Dream on! I know, I know. On a lighter note, I've decided to treat myself to a gym membership to start taking better care of me so that I can do all that I need to do for everyone else in my life. They deserve that!


Thanks, this is great. I hope you really did have a nice day.

Lisa Milton

What lovely thoughts - sometimes a little treat, some flowers, heals the soul. Hope you are feeling better.


Okay then. I'm going to the fabric store after work. Wheee!

Mrs. Welby

I'm going to 3 yoga classes this week. Do I deserve the UGGs I've been thinking about for 2 years too?

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