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LOVE the shirt.

P.S. This mommy could use a cocktail too. Guess I'll have to wait until New Year's Eve (just like you, I imagine!).


Hehehe. I like the pregnancy test idea.


I love that shirt! I have a line of t-shirt ideas brewing but have yet to get my slacker ass in gear to promote them.

I am so far behind on the cell phone thing, too. In fact I just have a normal ring. I know...I am so boring. I am thinking Livin' La Vida Loca by Ricky Martin would be approprite. ;)

Old Horsetail Snake

Even better would be to ask the sales clerk (while you are visibly pregnant), "How do these things work?"


Good ones! You should have bought the pregnancy test, that would have been a hoot! Go to myxertones.com for all sorts of great ringtones. You'll love it!

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