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Oh yeah...Nashville is doing the SAME thing this week. NUTS!


I feel you're pain. It's 82 here today. Yesterday it was 60. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 49. When did the weather decide to become Sybil??? I like my holiday season to be COLD.


Dude. And it's freezing in SoCal. What's up with the planet?


We've got the same thing over here in Durham, sweets. (Minus the 36 weeks pregnant thing, of course)

I'm glad you turned the airco on. It's for your own good!


yeah we sweated our asses off in the 80 degree heat and humidity at the Austin Trail of Lights tonite, however just as we were leaving it decided to pour and on the drive home the temp dropped a good 15 degrees. Gotta love winter in the southern part of the US. :) hugs, C


That would have been me last week. Minus the 36 weeks pregnant thing, of course. But how irritating is it to NEED to wear a wool coat in the mornings and then to be uncomfortably hot during the day while wearing short sleeves? Very, that's how.

Karen Hartnett

Nicole honey, join the weather of the south. A couple days ago the dogs water froze up, and now today it was 65. But, if you don't like the weather there, don't worry it changes from day to day like it does here in KY.

Luv ya all


I miss my white Christmas (even though, right now it's just raining in Ohio....) This weather is just unnatural for me.....


It's Sunday, Dec. 17, and it's TWELVE degrees where I am. Jealous?

Stay cool, gorgeous Mama!

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