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I spent today with my daughter too, trying to soak up every last second of her being an only child (sans beach, unfortunately!). At one point we went to the grocery store and we had such a lovely time together. As she helped me bag the vegetables I stared at her and realized how much she's growing up and how much her world is about to change when her brother arrives. It brought me to tears, right then and there, in the produce department. Hanging out with angels, indeed.

Mrs. Welby

I sooooo needed this. As I sip wine, not having slept straight through the night in 8 days, holed up in the basement office, claiming ME TIME, I need to get back to a point of peace. Back to work has meant back to horrible feelings of inadequacy and scrambling in my home. I yell more than I'd like. I have tomorrow off. Jersey shore is a little too far but maybe just a walk in the woods would do all of us some good. Miss you!


Honey, this is beautiful. Claire is soo lucky to have a Mommy like you. Glad your taking some time out for the good times w/Claire Bear.

Love and miss ya


Those are the wonderful moments; thank you for writing about them!

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