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YAY!!! That is great news! OH...and I'm so excited to hear the details of the little man that better be ready to meet the world tomorrow! :)



Your son will be a king, a boy born and raised in Charleston, SC? I swonny you better get a stick to beat the girls off.

YAY! OMG, I'm already counting the shrimp we will eat, the oysters we will shuck, and the beers we will share! Hell yeah!


Woot! That means you'll be close by me! WHEE!!

Here's to continuing the Your(married)lastname/Mylastname friendship links!!


That is exciting!!!


That is so exciting!!! Congratulations on the chance to buy a house and really settle down!


Woo hoo!!! I knew you were a Southern girl at heart. Charleston looks absolutely lovely.

Now is your boy gonna be an barefoot and shirtless in overalls kind of Southern boy or a seersucker sunsuit kind of boy? Or maybe the perfect mixture of both. ;)

Good luck tomorrow mama! I can't wait to see photos!


Thrilled doesn't even describe it - I am overjoyedecstaticfreakishlyhappy!!! Only four hours away - I never thought that would happen when we left grad school. Happiest news to begin the new year - congratulations! Call you soon - love, aim

Mrs. Welby

Yahoo!!! Now I can order you that smocked bubble suit for baby boy to wear this spring. Congratulations.


Yeah Nicole! I'm so happy for you. Check a big one off the list! I hope this new beginning holds only happiness for you. Talk to you soon, All my love, C


This is great news! You won't have to move across country in 6 months with a baby and a toddler. Congrats!

And those of us raised in the South don't talk about absolutely nothing - we just try to be sociable!

CPA Mom & Soccer Mom Angela

What great news! Claire will be a GRIT (girl raised in the south)! I love that you are going to be so close to me, maybe we can actually meet one day.


Oh!! Congrats on arriving home. This is wonderful news. Happy settling in to your future.

Old Horsetail Snake

It really makes me happy when happiness descends on my b**gger friends. Way to go!

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