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beautiful mess

oh, sweets, i am so sorry. i'm having a hard time & my husband is well & i don't have another child to deal with. and now i'm feeling terribly guilty that i just spent an entire hour sobbing about my husband leaving to go buy a damn cd. sending prayers & good thoughts your way.


This is me trying make you feel a little better...I hope it at least gives you a little smile...it's kind of long but my jovial wit and humor can't always be "read" it must be experienced via conversation...

Now, on with the cheering....

Perhaps you should give Tom Cruise a call. You know, since his "religious" group of people are the ONLY ones that can help...

Did I get a little smile?

What you're going through is SUCK with a capital "S" EXCLAMATION MARK!

I hate hearing how unhappy you are since you have the new baby. Things will start looking up when the in-laws/help arrives.

Karma is a b!t@h but I don't think you have to worry about apologizing...I believe it's your hubs that pissed someone off ;)

XENU! I hope I haven't made it worse...sometimes it's hard for me to be witty through typed out words...if it didn't work, can we pretend this comment never EVER existed?

Hang in there...things WILL start getting better I promise or my name isn't SueFromSC(FormerlyFromOH)!!!! :)


The Chinese New Year starts Feb. 7th or something like that. Year of the Rat is gonna ROCK!!! Hang in there!


Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! OK. My insane laughter is because, A.) I'm certifiable right now (Roger and I caught the cold Delaney and Waylon already have AND mine is now a raging sinus infection) but mostly because, B.) Delaney was totally Swifering yesterday too. Perhaps we are on to some hot, new toddler activity that will soon be sweeping the nation? We are, as usual, so ahead of our time.

Also I really hate to mention this but do you read Cathy's blog, ArkieMama (http://arkiemama.blogspot.com/)? She caught mono eight months ago and (I'm sorry!) is still suffering the effects. She has a post about it today.

Jamie (BlondeMomBlog)

Mono is not good. Not good babe.

I'm so so sorry. If you were still down the road I would rescue you and you all could have a movie/My Little Ponies/Barbie/popcorn and chocolate milk marathon over here! Well Gage would just have to pacify himself with your boobs. ;)

When are your inlaws arriving?


Oh hon. Sounds so hard. Here's hoping the in-laws make it there super fast and he gets well soooooon.

Meanwhile, I'll be hanging at the airport trying to become a stow-away.


Um, you got to have dinner with ME last night! AND Raybelle! Thats like a two for the price of one bonus. The suck should at least have lifted for 2.5 hours.


So sorry to hear about the SUCK! We all caught bronchitisfluenza over the entire holiday break, just after bringing Daughter #2 home from the hospital, so I think I can relate a bit. Maybe it's karmic retribution for all this unprotected sex going on? :) I hope things look up for you all soon!

Mrs. Welby

GEEEEEZZZUSSS. I blame astrology too. Wm is now officially allergic to penicillin. Last week was diagnosed with RSV and bilateral ear infections. Thus Rx for Augmentin, was on amox in Dec. 7 days later, covered in hives, eyes swollen shut. Other guy has raging sinus infection, coughing attacks in school making him vomit. At least kids don't act like men when they are sick.

Old Horsetail Snake

Holy Schmoley! Things have got to turn out better soon, according to me. Good luck, kid.

Mrs. Flinger

Ohdeargod, I'd never with that on anyone. I hope it's a fast one. I have no good words. Bring on the Spring because Uuugghhh. So sorry, hon.


Oh my, hang in there!! Isn't this one of those moments where we are supposed to have "this too shall pass" tattooed on our foreheads? Lots o' love to you mama!

Jessica Poundstone

I am with you.

* Ceiling in daughter's room nearly falling down resulting in one week of erratically timed contractor visits? Check!
* Husband's eardrum explodes due to an undetected ear infection? Check!
* Locked self and dog outside of house while 2-year-old was inside? Check!

We are all due for a break here. I send you a virtual martini. Or whatever your preferred cocktail happens to be.

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