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Whew! That takes a lot of pressure off - sure, I'm a bit on the short side with the 5'3, but my eyes really are very blue. And my paycheck is very small (and about to get smaller). Hehe.


I'm right there with ya on the "where did time go?" Sniff.

You're a MILF hot mama! :)

Old Horsetail Snake

So, no samples, huh? Rats!


I was going to comment yesterday but the computer pooped out...

Where in the he!! is the article about the "ideal man"? I'm sure the dudes that wrote "the ideal woman" don't come close either...

incidentally, I have everything going for me, ideally, except that pretty thing (and the blonde but I was born a blonde and grew out of it)...I've never been a narcissist so I guess someone else would have to tell me that ;) (OH, have you seen my pic w/Olive Oyl? Pure BEAUTY there, BAHAHAHAA)

Old Horsetail Snake

Well, I'd be glad to take your word for it, except I don't know what the word is. That is, how much money you do earn?


Happy birthday Nicole!!!!!! Hope you have a great day.

I am sending you a virtual margarita. If you were here, drinks would be on me! :)

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