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was that the laura who is related to me?


p.s. have missed you


Oh don't forget I have a spoleto contact if you need any tips!

Nana Az

Hi you all, to you, So glad you are writting again. We look everyday to see if something was here. You sound like our old Nicole, love it! Keep your good spirits up you need it.


kim lenhart

I told you NOT to get a real job...they suck! and they bind, much like marriage...shut up...this'll be my 3rd time and apparently I like the sucking and binding part...but, your talents are in writing...chit lit..humor, daily life, you have the gift of gab..come on...I will buy your book, full price, no covers ripped off...I'll even buy it from a bookstore that doesn't offer huge discounts...real jobs suck!!

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