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You're amazing! Good for you for getting out there and doing what's good for you and your body. Funny how the more you exercise, the more you want to, right? I can't wait to hear more gym stories.


Damn, you're inspirational! You're actually making me jealous -- ME, whose blood pressure goes up when I just look at my tennis shoes. Super congratulations for taking good care of your wonderful self. :)


I hope you win that bottle, because from what I've heard there is a massive world shortage in Sigg bottles right now :). More importantly though, I want to thank you. You post on going to your first Body Pump class inspired me to start going back to the gym and to try out that class, which I had always been afraid to do in the past (serious lack of coordination). I realized that I LOVE Body Pump, and love how good I feel after going to the gym, even if I only have time to get there a few nights a week. A few nights a week is a million times better than never. Anyway, seriously, thanks, and congrats to you!


Way to go, Nicole! Keep it up! Summer is a hard time to get on track, I know, so I really high five you for doing it! Keep us posted with how it is going!


You're awesome! I need to get back to the gym very soon. Maybe you'll be my inspiration. Now, get thee a SIGG woman! You've earned it.


I love body pump!!! Great job going to the gym.

I can start soon I just got clearence form my doctor. I had to wait since surgery.

I loved seeing you in Redbook this month. You go girl with your bloginess.

old horsetail snake

I did something like that for a year. But the nice part was it was co-ed. Hoo boy, love that part.....


Congrats. What type of music do you have on your playlist? I have been trying to find the right mix but alas it is just not happening.

old horsetail snake

You are doing just fine, Ms. Sit. I'd sure like to spring for a SIGG bottle for you. Just let me know when you've earned it, and I'll be there. Well, what I mean, is, the SIGG will be there.


You're awesome! And I'd love a list of your ipod tunes for your 45 min. walk/run. Sounds perfect! C

Patti Mayo

You go girl!! I'm seriously proud of you, because honestly, I'd have given up by now. Could explain why I wear a tank top in the winter though...I've got plenty of insulation.

Keep up the good work!!


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