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you SO deserved that explanation point! (and there was another one for extra measure). doesn't a little well-placed sarcasm make you feel like the queen of the world?


Heh heh.

I love those Valentine's mugs too -- might have to get me one.


I know when I think of you, there is always an exclamation point at the end of your name. Heck, some days there are two.


btw: I always use Please and Thank You and all that crap. It's only right, yo. My Mama raised me right.


Smooches on your pretty little head.

Elaine (with a capital E, of course)


Tee-hee, that's the Nicole I know and love.... :)


LOL! I've SO seen those people at Starbucks, that cracks me up! Times like that I wish *I* had the power to write their names on the cup. Buttmuncher is so much better than LeAnn, don'tcha think?

la ve en rose

HA!!! and i jus gave that 3 exclamation points.


You ARE funny, Ms. N! And I would have given you that latte for free.

Glad your mother-in-law is doing better.

Corey Amaro

Starbucks! That is what I miss about the USA- Creativity! The right of self expression. Capital A and !! and the exchange between people! In France we just get coffee period. Make that with a capital P and !! and a frown from the server!


teehee, this post made me giggle. thanks for that!!! ;-)

Mrs. Flinger

HEHE.. well written. Well played. :-)


I love your smart ass.

the girl

Cute. :)



liz elayne

i love this...love the sense of humor of the people who work at starbuck's. they are always having so much fun...


See what you get for being nice?

Politeness always gets its just reward. Great reminder.

And I hope Le(capital A)nne spilled her beverage on the way out to the car. Rude doofuses like her deserve to re-learn the laws of gravity.

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