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We have some struggles with the whole concept of God 'round here. But if I were to explain God to a (precocious) two-year-old, I'd have to say:
Many people believe that everything was made by one amazing being; a parent to all things: the sky, the animals, the trees and dirt, the tiniest bug and the biggest mountain. God is all things to all people and loves us all just like mama loves you.

Yeah. So I totally pulled that out of my butt. Hard question! I'm sure you did a great job with it!


a few weeks ago, when I asked Sean and Will if they knew who God was they said "(our) pastor is God!"

I have told them that God is the one who created everything they see. but my 4-year-olds have a hard time understanding that.

last month though we were trying to find a parking place at the shopping mall on a busy Saturday afternoon and I told the kids "hey, let's pray for a parking place, ok? repeat after me, God please, give us a parking place". They repeated that for about 2 minutes and we found a place!

One week after that I was stressing out about our new apartment and told my kids I was scared we won't have a new house. they looked at me and said "we have to ask God! and God will give it to us!"

I think they'll get it someday. I just hope they don't think God is Santa. or vice-and-versa :)


Caitlin is 4 and we've been trying to say grace at dinner and say bedtime prayers consistently but I am SO bad about not doing that. Any way, the "Who's God?" question has come up and I told her that God is in heaven, watching over her, and that he made everything from the stars to her dogs to her. And that he loves her very much and wants her to be happy. Now she calls him Mr. God.


Ohh lord I don't have any idea. I suppose it's clear J and I haven't had that converstation :)


PS God isn't male in this house. We refer to god as a "parent"... a being that is both male and female. Told you I'm a wannabe hippie. ;)


That's a hard one. Even my 6-year-old has trouble with God and the Holy Spirit. I think I explained that God made everything and God loves everyone. We talked more about Jesus in the early years and how Jesus is God's son who came to live among people, but God is a spirit that we cannot see.

Sure, that's a big generalization, but it is hard concept for them to grasp. I'll look forward to checking back to see what you told your two-year-old because I'm sure mine will be asking about that soon!


After I read your blog I asked Ava,(my 2 1/2 year old), "Who is God?" and she said, "Jesus". Then I asked her who Jesus is and she said "Jesus loves the children. Jesus loves me and Jesus loves Mommy and Jesus loves... (she listed everyone she knows)". Then I asked her what else does she know about God and she said "God made the trees". We talk about God and Jesus everyday and pray together before meals, before bed, and when a need or sickness arises, and read books about Jesus but it seems like no theology has really stuck yet except that he loves her and loves everyone. That's not bad for a two year old and would be great actually if everybody understood that about God.

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