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No, no, no. The peanut ones were much better and more fun to remove the layers. Swiss cake rolls are just too easy--it takes talent to de-layer peanut butter, dontcha know.

This is great. I hope to have time to contribute something tomorrow while my wee one is in MDO. Good topic!

Mrs. Flinger

Ahhh, yes, see? The Little Debbie does rule all. Obviously. Memory lane is FUN! :-)


I always loved the spaghetti with the side salads.

This is interesting topic b/c my son brought in his lunch and as result...this post came about.



Hostess cupcakes and Twinkies all the way. I love how we all wrote about the ever important DESSERT! And I do recall now that slow metamorphisis from cute lunchbox to the uber cool plain paper sack.


Mint jelly is to go with lamb! (My husband is from New Zealand - they have mint jelly and lamb for every special occasion.) Only you could make a story about lunch boxes riveting. :) You should write about politics...I bet you could make that riveting, too. :)


I loved reading this post.
and mint jelly????


I did the same thing with the swiss rolls.

When I was pregnant I did that with ho ho's


Ah, the Swiss Cake Rolls. My favorite. My brother used to dip them in a tub of Cool Whip, and when you looked at him funny for doing this, he's say, "What? It just like cheese dip and chips, only sweeter!" What a weirdo.


apparently I cannot type anymore - two typos in one comment - I'm a moron

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