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OK, you make me laugh at the print pictures from Claire's entire lifetime. Last year when I was working from home one of my major projects I wanted to accomplish was pretty much just that although I was caught up on Caitlin through 18 months but had NEVER printed any digital pics of poor Amelia. I found a cheap online digital print deal, bought a few albums at TJ Maxx, and filled them up. I have yet to print any from this year.


the CD route sounds mighty tempting ;)


Here's mine...


Can I go home now and tackle some of this shit?


You have Christmas gifts to wrap?????!!! It's not even Thanksgiving yet! I hear you about printing out pictures thing. My poor Sophia, being the third kid...she gets to see her pictures on the computer only. The first one gets a whole album alphabetized from birth to year 2 (that's when the 2nd one came).


I'm a little behind in my reading but yoga pants??? You are a brave brave woman to wear those. I shudder to picture myself in them. As for starbucks treat yourself to a peppermint mocha, YUM. I went to get one and they had no peppermint (bummer) so I went with egg nog. Yeah didn't like the eggnog so much.

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