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What a beautiful post. It's obvious how much you love and respect and appreciate your parents. I'm lucky in that I feel the same way about mine. We couldn't have asked for better role models, could we?


Absolutely beautiful. Sounds like wonderful parents. I have awesome parents too. Always helping!!! Yeah for that.


Your parents sound wonderful Nicole. We couldn't make it without our parents. (My dad just stopped by this morning to see if he could help with the girls on my day off.) He is neither an engineer or a carpenter, though, so if you want to share your "Handy Manny" with me, let me know! ;)


My parents are the exact same way. Aaaand, they arrive on Sunday. Yes!! :)


You are so lucky that they are still so healthy and vital and can continue to help you so much. I had the same experiences until they aged, but the loyalty and support NEVER goes away!


You are welcome for everything.
Love you.


You live my life. Except, well, my parents don't have come for visits quite the same way because they live 4 miles away. :)

Seriously though, it's amazing how being a parent makes you take a second look, even if you already knew you had it good.

Mrs. Flinger

Ahhh, I'm glad you get to have someone play with Claire. That's the thing I appreciate most now about my Mom. She comes to play. And I am SO OK with that. :-)

And it's always nice to have your house back. No matter WHO is over (heck, sometimes it's nice to have the house to yourself! Sans kid and husband. I'm not wrong.)

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