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Dog that's lazy
If that lazy dog kicks the bucket
Mama's gonna buy you a . . .


cottage on Nantucket.
If that cottage burns to the ground,
Mama's gonna buy you a...


I always sang the song from the Flinstones to my boys.


a merry-go-round.
If that Merry-go-round stops turning,
Mama's gonna buy you a...


I've done the exact same thing with that song. Eventually I got tired and started looping or making up words that weren't English or Spanish or anything.

Mrs. M

ok so this isn't exactly on par with the little contest, but I'm pretty smokin' at parodies. I was a nanny for 5 years and although I'm graduated with a real job, I still keep kids on the weekend (the best reminder not to get pregnant just yet!). When Mary O was first learning to suck a bottle, rather than the breast, I was quite flustered one evening. Sheryl Crow's newest hit was "First Cut is the Deepest." It was on my mind so I made up a song for Mary O. It goes a little something like this:
The first bottle's the hardest
Mary O I know
The first suck is the hardest
Cause when it comes to eating you like the breast
But when it's not here you'll have to take what's left
Ooooh, the first suck is the hardest

I still want you to not cry
I want you to drink this bottle dry
so if you'll just try to suck again
Girlfriend just try to suck again cause I know

You're gonna love rubber nipple.....

Yeah, I know. Makes you wonder why that family loved/s me so!


big stick of butter for churning,
If that churner suddenly breaks
mama's gonna buy you a ....


couple of steaks.
And if those steaks are too well done,
Mama's gonna buy you a...


a big leaf rake,
If the leaf rake is bent
Mommas gonna buy you a...


a camping tent
If that tent leaks when it rains
Mama's gonna buy you....

Mrs. Flinger

a bag of games
If that bag of games goes bust
Momma's gonna buy you...


...some tire chains.
If those tire chains won't grip,
Mama's gonna buy you...


a big trip
and if that big trip gets rained out
Mama's gonna buy you...


a bottle of Shout
and if that doesn't clean the stains
Mama's gonna buy you..


a table of trains
and if those trains won't go toot toot
Mama's gonna buy you...


an astronaut suit.
and if that suit won't float in space
Mama's gonna buy you...


we do the ewxact same thing with that tune. Well, I don't but Shan does because he cannot for the life of him remember the right lyrics (if they exist). Keep on sangin'!


a dress of lace.
and if that dress of lace gets dirty
Mama's gonna buy you...


a little pink shirty
and if that shirty don't fit
Mama's gonna buy you...

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