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Southern Mom

Oh, wow! When it rains it pours at your house! Congratulations! Really, it's a great time to have a baby (2 of mine were born in Feb.)

I love the picture...what a wonderful way to always remember how you told the family.


Congratulations on the baybeee!
I love that second picture. It's priceless.


Best picture ever for the best news ever! YAY!

Busy Mom

Wow!! Hooray!! Love the second picture, btw

Soccermom Steph.

What a bombshell you snuck in there with the family photos! Congratulations! And, I stand in awe that you managed to get pregnant during the packing, selling and moving that you've been going through. Wow!


YAY Nicole!

I love that photo...what handsome families you both have!

xxoo I'm so glad we had lunch.


WOW! Cograts you sweet thing. I mean shit can you had one more HUGE life change to the mix?

That is wonderful news and the picture is GREAT!


Wooooo HOOOOO! I am soooooo happy for you! The 2nd picture is awesome!!! What a momento to show the baby how you told everyone then news & how they reacted.

Now we know how you released the stress from moving, packing, etc. ;) You go girl! I can't wait to see ultrasound pics!!!


Woo-HOOOOOOO! Congratulations!

That picture is worth way more than 1000 words! :)


I absolutely love those two pictures, that is a hoot!


CONGRATULATIONS! And I love the photo - what a great idea!


Congratulations...how exciting. I hope that Charleston becomes a wonderful home for all of you!!


What a great way to tell your family. That photo is awesome. Congratulations! How're you feeling?

CPA Mom and Soccer Mom Angela

What a great idea - LOVE the picture.

And MAZEL TOV baby! I'm so happy for you all!!!!!

p.s. wasn't sure if you still planned on sneaking up to Myrtle Beach next week?


YEAH!!!! Go fetus go!
New home, new baby, new awesomeness!



That photo is SO very much the first page of a kid's first photo album. ;) (Unless you're like me and you have the album and stacks of photos that never really meet one another. I'm a slacker.)


Ha ha ha....priceless! Congratulations!


Huge congrats! (And I love that your dad's expression is nearly unchanged.)



And I love how you did it - capturing the reaction on film - with a great comparison shot!


Congrats!!! I love that picture...its a keeper. :)


I LOVE it! You'll be so glad you had these photos. What an awesome (and unique) way to spill the fetus beans. This is a well-traveled fetus for sure!

Congrats girly!! So excited for you. I hope you are feeling well. :)


I love the look on your mom's face!



Yahoo! Congrats!


Hooray for babies! Congratulations!


yippee - we get to be pregnant together! and i just turned 12 weeks today, so that means we're just a couple of days apart! wheee! i'm so, so happy for you. are you feeling as miserable as i am?

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