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Susie Sunshine

What about the man-eating sharks that live in those waves? Those big Michigan lakes might not be the same wave-wise BUT NOT ONE LEAVES WITHOUT THEIR LEGS HERE!!!


I'm a little nervous about you being pregnant & way out there beyond the breakers. (I know I sound like a nagging mom-can't help it) I thought that the baby's heart beat can be heard by dolphins & whales & such. I thought that pregnant trainers can't work with the (water)animals while pregnant because they get bumped & knocked & the animals are aggressive with them. I hope that is an old-wives tale.

I am so happy for you about building sand castles & being able to check out the eye candy on the beach!!! I'd love to be 15 minutes away from "heaven on earth!" Enjoy!


I'll admit I am totally jealous! Alan lived about two blocks from the beach in Florida when we got engaged and then he moved back here to good ole land-locked Tennessee. We hope to eventually get back to the beach. Sounds lovely and I'm happy you all are enjoying it.

And you go you boogie boardin' prego mama you! (Pictures?) ;)


Sounds heavenly! Color me jealous.


We used to live in walking distance from the beach, and I never felt the need to go. Now that we drive 90 minutes to get there on weekends (and I live in a place where the temperature aspires to hit three digits every day), I could spend every hour of every day there.
(After last weekend's sunburn disaster I have armed myself with SPF 50 - no more tan for this whitey!)


you know I am going to be reminding you of this post when you threaten to leave the eastern seaboard next year! Have a wonderful time in the sun, sand and all!


Please Amy no reminding her!

Mrs. Welby

Love it. Go on with your maritime self! It seems to suit you with this kind of peaceful thinking!!!


Strangely, I was there when my husband saw the pacific ocean for the first time in his life. There's something inherently wrong about teaching your HUSBAND to bodyboard, instead of the other way around. I envy you, Nicole, as I head back to the desert...once again, hundreds of miles from the nearest ocean.

CPA Mom and Soccer Mom Angela

So THIS is why you didn't join us in Myrtle Beach - you already had a beach!

I've lived by the beach almost my entire life. I love it, just not the sand! And I almost always get sunburned. So glad you are loving Charleston!

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