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I think that I would have said, "No but perhaps instead of BRINGING me something you could take me with you. OR you could take Claire. Either one."


Heh. My grandma said to me when I was home in MI over labor day, "You look good. Heavy, but good."



You little shit, I could of suggested Kona coffee which you don't drink or a Dole pineapple which could get messy oh well so much for the muu-muu (heh heh)

love you anyway



Man! I'm 25 weeks and just found out I've gained 9 pounds so far and here I thought I was doing good. I have a friend who gained 14 pounds in her first trimester. Of course, she's a natural skinny minny so maybe the pounds don't count the same way for her as they do for me. She had her baby in July and you can't even tell she was ever pregnant. Think I'm jealous much?

P.S. The muu-muu sounds pretty good to me right about now. Think of the comfort factor. And, with your attitude and spunk you could make even a paper bag look good. Maybe you should reconsider the offer...

Blonde Mom Jamie

My mother loved LOVED to make little weight remarks to me when I was pregnant with Caitlin and talk about how people never could believe she was pregnant until right about the time she was about to drop baby. As a result, I "only" gained 28 pounds with Amelia. ;) Plus it didn't hurt that I stayed away from McDonald's in Maryland Farms every morning.

And girl you know you'd rock that mumu!


Ahhh...you made me laugh till I hurt. I had surprise twins today at 12 weeks and when I told her she looks at me with the blank stare and says "Oh, is that where the 15 pounds I gained came from?" I'll tell you the same thing I told her maybe you'll gain now and it will balance out in the end. Early weight gainers-early weight losers....


i'm right there with you, sister. if it makes you feel any better, i saw my mom yesterday & she asked, "how did you get so gigantic in the last week?" ummm, yeah . . . thanks for the kind words. on the bright side, though, i can now totally justify a pedicure, since it's so difficult for me to reach my toes.


Wait. So you're saying it would make you happy to eat vats of lard? Because the thought makes me shudder.


Having very recently seen you, I think you look gorgeous and just the right size for your gestational age! I think you are doing great and if I were you, I'd ask for an extra present from mom for that comment (still love you mom!). Hugs, C


I love your mother for calling you a little shit on your blog. She should be friends with my Mom.

Don't worry about the weight gain, and don't cut out carbs either! I have never thought cutting out whole food groups (at least not decent ones) was a good plan, and I think it would be even worse for us pregnant folk.....

I know my weight gain is going to start any time now, and I am dreading it!

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