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priceless! hugs, C


Go Tigers!
I won't hold being a UofM alum against you all, since living in Ann Arbor (as an MSU alum) tempers that, but anyone who beats Ohio State?!? Hippy Hooray.

P.S. You look great!


you guys look great!


OH BOO!!! notice the caps in my name??? heheheheee That game SUCKED MILK BALLS!!! HAHAHAAA

Honestly, if I had known you were a Michigan fan...hmmmmmmm

You look so happy and refreshed! Stay healthy in this weird ass weather!

PS--haven't gone to the FlickR yet but not sure I want to since the new picture announcement followed the boobies announcement, heheee

Old Horsetail Snake

Just like a man: Football and boobies.

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