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beautiful mess

i'm boycotting Valentine's Day too. something about having a newborn just doesn't jive with any feelings of romance. glad to know someone's right there with me.


I like "my shade!"

I like chunky babies. The chunkier, the better.

I hear you on Valentine's Day. I think we are going to lunch....probably somewhere with a coupon. Woo hoo! Hubby did order me a little somethin' from VS, though, with Caitlin's help so no telling what it is. ;)


I like "My Shade" better than shadow too! Starworks seems more appropriate somehow, more descriptive. Clever, clever girl, just like her mom.

I totally understand the lack of "relations" - a 3 week visit from "Aunt Flo" followed by 3 weeks of serious illness...Urgh!

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