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I'm a tech writer, so I love bullets...and you used them expertly I might add!

Way to go on the treadmill/stroller plans!

Your inn name is just the cutest--Sweet Biscuit...I guess only a southerner would truly appreciate that!


I'm thinking of starting a political movement wherein bulletpoints are elevated in status equal with the exclamation point or at least, the comma.

I pink puffy heart bulletpoints. Which you should know since you read ALL MY POSTS from the comfort of your Google Reader, incognito, and never comment, except when I call your ass out. HA!!! :)


Yea on the Redbook thang hot mama!

I may actually resort to buying a fitness DVD package I saw on an infomercial this weekend. I am that desperate to get my ass in gear.

No no NO on the pantyhose! That shizzle should be outlawed...at the very least in the summer months.

old horsetail snake

I'd like to see you on the double jogging stroller. Think of all the exercise you will get....


Ahh, I've missed you. :) Although, it's not YOU it's me - yes, busy is for bullets. Lazy - clearly those that think so are not mothers. LOL!

Congrats on the Redbook piece. Congrats on the job!

old horsetail snake

I will have to agree: Your are some kind of busy soul.

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