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I think we are staying home, too. I've really liked these past few Christmases were we've stayed home. It is so less stressful than trying to travel with little ones. It always seemed like somebody ended up sick, too, when we'd travel. We've been adding every year to our family traditions- Ava's personal favorite is the gingerbread house by far- all that candy and icing in one place? YUMMY!


Sounds great. I'll be in NC for xmas myself, and am looking forward to it,


I can totally relate! Even when we lived in AZ, we spent more time driving between families, making appearances, that we never really got to enjoy the holidays ourselves. This will be our third Christmas here in UT, and I love it! (Having a baby is a great excuse to not have to travel!). I hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas!!


I love that photograph girl.

We started staying home on Christmas Day when Miss A was born because Alan's brother and wife also had a baby that year. Made it much easier logistically to stay home Christmas Day and visit our families Christmas Eve (although we only have about an hour's drive...no plane trips.)

Have some fresh oysters for me...YUM!


This does sound very peaceful. A walk on the beach sounds good to me. I do understand all the running around like your never going to get anywhere. Dad and I did not have to fly but we always had two or three places we HAD to be, and yes it was very very hard. But you'll have a wonderful peaceful Christmas and the family will enjoy. Hopefully it will get easier when the little sweeties get old.

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