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OMG! Pat and I are both cracking up, as we are sitting her on the couch together. I was laughing out loud and read him your post when he asked what was so funny. We both thank you and dear, sweet, funny Claire for the laugh of the evening. And the last line...I was rolling. Love and hugs and Merry Christmas to your family, C


Sooo, behind on my blog reading/commenting. Glad I caught this one though. Hilarious! We have a advent calendar as well where you turn over little felt numbers to find pictures hand-sewn on the back. (Courtesy of the mother-in-law, I'm not that crafty...) Enjoy doing this with ONE child for now, because in a few years...yeah, they'll fight over whose turn it is every...single...blessed...day...until...the 25th. AAACK! (grin)

Old Horsetail Snake

Someday she'll look back and decide she was the smartest one after all. Just you wait...

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